Plugging away

pool 2

So each day keep getting reminders about how many days it is till the Triathlon in Athy. It’s intimidating and exciting in equal measure to think in 60 days I’ll be taking part in my first ever triathlon. Certainly the experience of the Naas Duathlon recently gave me a taste for competition but also gave me a glimpse of the sights and sounds that will doubtless barrage all of those taking part on race day. Not that the seasoned triathletes will even probably notice as they’ll be going through their familiar pre-race routine, but to me it’ll all be part of the experience on the day.

I’m still carrying a slight injury on my left tibia so running is being reduced to a minimum to give the swelling a chance to heal. Stress fractures are a common occurrence in runners, now thankfully my leg isn’t at that point, I just have a slight discomfort from overuse which, if exacerbated could develop into a stress fracture and nobody wants that. The medical advice is to rest the leg of running for the next few weeks. It is slightly frustrating but I’m loathe to endure a prolonged period of inactivity due to a stress fracture especially given the triathlon season is just coming to a start. No, instead I’l ease my way in and hopefully the rest will pay dividends.

I have been taking the opportunity to do some strength and conditioning training in the gym as well as trying to improve my swim technique (which is easier said that done) and my power on the bike. That’s the beauty of triathlon, if you can’t do one thing you can work around it by focusing on another. My cycling is certainly becoming stronger, helped in no little measure by my adopting a more aerodynamic posture on the bike, which will be helped by my purchasing clip on aero bars, which I plan to do. I also need to buy a wetsuit, as I can’t compete without one. Then I need to take the literal plunge into the cold outdoor waters.. thats should be fun. More to follow.