Oh Nooo Shoes !!


Hey there happy bank holiday ! It is actually a lovely day in Dublin today and would be ideal conditions for a triathlon but there having done two races in a row and being new to the sport I thought I’d rest this week. I have also been hampered by a cut I sustained swimming a few weeks ago which has been slow to heal because of all the activity. So having done a couple of tris lately I took the opportunity to chill this weekend. In fact the next race I pencilled in wont be for another 10 days which suits me and will give me a chance to heal up.

I have also booked a trip to Jersey for the end of September to see Superleague which is a new triathlon competition that launched in Australia a few months ago. It sees the top 20 male and female triathletes in the world compete in multiple rounds of shorter course triathlons over 2 days. Having watch the inaugural contest I was very drawn to the new format and then when I heard they were bringing the entire franchise to Jersey I thought what a great opportunity to see the best of the best up close in the flesh. I have also made a contact that might enable me to see behind the scenes at some stage. What I liked about Superleague is that it made triathlon very accessible to newcomers. Their use of social media meant that you saw all the races as well getting in depth analysis of the contest and the triathletes. Currently I find it difficult to get easy access to viewing triathlons. You actually have to pay an annual subscription if you want to watch an ITU race online which I think is a crazy barrer if you are trying to promote the sport. The BBC shows some ITU races certainly but I don’t have a TV, online is the perfect medium as far as I’m concerned and it should be free.

Anyhow I am very excited to travel to jersey a beautiful part of the world I have never been to see some exciting racing so I will have plenty more on that in the coming weeks.

No training this weekend so it was off to buy something I’ve been meaning to buy for a while and that is cycling shoes. Now to the uninitiated cycling shoes are a form of shoe that enables you to attach yourself to your bike’s pedals. Having done plenty of research, the general consensus is these kinds of shoes facilitate more efficient cycling by a rider which means expending less energy for the same outcome as someone using runners, which has been me up till this point. The shoes above have to be used in conjunction with pedals like these.clip

While you ‘clip’ your cycling shoes into your pedals they are actually called clipless pedals, its confusing I know but there aren’t actually any clips involved. The ‘clipless’ reference is used to differentiate new pedals from the old style of bike pedals which seemingly had clips.

The idea of using shows that enable you to become attached to your bike is that essentially you become one with your bike. It sounds very new age and holistic I know but it basically encourages a greater cycling confidence by the cyclist with the knowledge that your foot won’t come off the pedal at speed. There is also a school of thought that clipless pedals and bike shoes promote a more even cycling stroke contributing to that cycling efficiency I was talking about earlier. The long and the short of it for me came down to observing high ranked amateurs and the pros who all adopt clipless cycling shoes and pedals. Heck if it works for them it can’t but work for me.

Now all I have to get are some actual clipless pedals !!



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