Make a change ?


Happy new year folks hope you had a blast over the holiday season. So its January second and a time when people reappraise their goals and ambitions for the year ahead. Thankfully I didn’t take too long away from my training routine but even the 10 days I afforded myself meant that it was a struggle to get back in the fitness saddle again. The first session on the bike last week was pure pain so I can fully appreciate the difficulty people have when embarking on a new fitness regime or indeed anything new. The pain and discomfort are real and very off putting, in fact any change away from the habitual is discomfiting and a real shock to the system.

Given the time of year and my own inner reflections about what lies ahead over the next 12 months I was spurred to dig out an old copy of a book I bought in the departure lounge of Dublin airport almost ten years ago. It was a copy of Who moved my cheese and it’s central message is one of embracing change. The book uses a parable to illustrate in almost childlike terms it’s lesson that fear and discomfort must be embraced for change to occur in your life. Indeed quite often the perceived fear limiting us is often worse than the reality that transpires if we only actually choose to grasp life by the nettle and strive to improve our lot.

Nothing worth doing comes easy and that is so very true, certainly when I reflect on my triathlon adventures so far but it’s so very much worth it. If we continue to live in our comfort zones avoiding change and challenge we will certainly be safe and comfortable but in time that can eat away at you especially when you look beyond yourself and the potential that lies beyond your own cosy horizon.

Feel the fear and do it anyway as the saying goes and as it says in the book (reviewed below) move with the cheese and you’ll be a lot happier.


2 thoughts on “Make a change ?

  1. Dirk Jansen says:

    Mathieu, I have, traditionally, lost some weight, during the Christmas period, due to factors, mainly outside my control, until I retired, after which my weight fluctuated, due to some periods of ill-health and other reasons. This year, weighing at 90 kilos, I was determined to stay the same, and succeeded, but am now determined to get more exercise, to tighten up the few muscles I have and will attempt a minor imitation of your regime, on an exercise bike and, in the garden, in Spring.
    I meant to wish you Happy New Year and, in the event that I have already done this and forgotten, do not be insulted, as you are getting two, for the price of one. Dutch people, even faux ones, are very price conscious. Best regards.


    • mathieunorry says:

      any little bit of exercise helps, it is only when one takes a break that one realises this, so u will reap the benefits for sure regardless of weight. I wish you well on your fitness journey and thank you again for reading 🙂


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