High standards !!

ali dubai 2

Just a brief post this week. I have to give a mention to one of the icons of triathlon Alistair Brownlee. Last year he took the step up to middle distance triathlons from the sprint triathlon world which he has dominated at both the ITU and olympic level for years. This chap is 3 time european champion, 2 time world champion, 2 time olympic gold medalist and 2 time world team champion, so his pedigree is second to none. Last year he took part in his first 70.3 triathlon and dominated the field which included Lionel Sanders amongst other heavyweights, so it was no mean feat. Unfortunately for Brownlee, he subsequently underwent hip surgery so has been recuperating for the last 6 months. At the weekend Brownlee took part in one of the first 70.3 triathlons of the year in Dubai and totally dominated the field. In fact he posted an average speed on the bike of 45 kmph completing the bike route of 90km in just under 2 hours. His swim and run legs were also so strong that he posted a time which was the second fastest in history, an ominous sign for his competitors.

ali dubai 3 Brownlee on the scott foil triathlon bike valued at 10k

As someone who trains and competes in triathlon at an amateur level it is mind boggling to even try process the speeds at which the top pros are swimming, cycling and running. In fact Alistair ran the first 10 km of the 20 km run leg in Dubai in a blistering 31 minutes!!! Incredible stuff!! It does however provide inspiration for regular triathletes like me as we plod through weekly routine that is winter training. On that note I have been enjoying (not sure that is quite the right term) using my new turbo trainer. It has allowed me to up my weekly mileage on the bike which is vital at this stage of the year if I am to improve and achieve my first goal of qualifying for the european age group triathlon championships. To do this I need to get top 5 in my age group in one of the national series triathlons during the upcoming season. Now I have certainly improved on the bike in comparison to last year and with a new lighter bike I would expect to be faster than last season. I have been plugging away at the swimming which can be a frustrating sport as it is so technical and improvements are slower to come. I am seeing the first signs of improvement by incorporating speed work and endurance work, something I had omitted before. Running is proving equally frustrating but for a different reason in that I am experiencing tenderness in my shin again so have had to take my foot off the running pedal for the moment. I am looking at acquiring new footwear, orthotic inserts which are used by runners with recurring injuries as well as having my run gait analysed to rule out any biomechanical flaws. For the moment, I am focusing on running, swimming and strength training as I work on my core which will reap dividends later on this year. That’s the hope at least. 🙂