Oh dear goodness


So I’m back. See you thought I had given up on the oul blog but no. See I’ve been going through the horrors of late, ok perhaps not quite the horrors but it’s been a miserable few weeks having contracted a chest infection which has forced be to lie low.

Now I’ll freely admit that I’m like most men in that I’m not a good patient. Now at the outset I’ll say I have been sicker in the past but this time it was the combination of the chest infection and the total depletion of energy levels that rendered me incapable of going about my regular schedule. While I was given steroids the medical consensus was that I was just one of an epidemic of victims who had succumbed over the winter and the gestation period of this illness would most likely be several weeks and indeed that’s how things turned out.

Naturally all exercise went out the windows for the month of February and quite frankly I was far too listless to care. Normally I’d be fretting over missing a session but there comes a point where you just say sod it. The biological imperative ensured that I needed to fight the virus, rest and recover in that order so any talk of cycling, swimming or running was laughed out of town considering turning sideways in the bed was a major achievement.

Thankfully I’m practically back to my former self. I have done a couple of very light sessions on the bike this week but have resisted the urge to challenge myself too much lest I tire myself into a relapse, god forbid. I will step things up gradually in the coming weeks and am encouraged that my niggling leg injury seems to be behaving itself given there seems to be no abreaction to yesterday’s brief treadmill session, fingers crossed I will be able to kick on from here. So expect regular service to be resumed in the coming weeks and months as the triathlon season gets underway in earnest.